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It’s Holidays Week here at Android.Appstorm! We will dedicate our time this week to bring you the best apps for the year-end festivities. From gift shopping to games, cooking and hosting, managing your to-dos, decorating your phone, it will all be about spreading the cheer and reducing the stress of the Holidays season.
The end of the year holidays are always a chance for everyone to reflect on the year that passed and get in touch with friends and family members that live far away. Greeting Cards have long been a tradition of this period, with many people sharing wishes, greetings, along with personal or ready-made photos.
Below, you will find four apps that will let you personalize greeting cards from the comfort of your Android device and send them via postal service to all of your loved ones.
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Touchnote was one of the first postcard services that allowed you to create your own designs and then mail the cards to addresses in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and many more countries. It simplified the process by letting you pick one photo, select several of your phone or Facebook contacts, then personalize it for each of them.
The Christmas Edition of the app builds on the same concept, with the option to zoom, rotate, and crop any of your photos to use as the base for the postcard. You can then select from several Christmas-inspired filters and designs, then add your own greeting message for each of your contacts. Touchnote will also let you keep track of all the cards you sent, so you can easily see if there’s someone you missed in your contact list.
Touchnote Christmas Edition

Postagram has been available for quite some time on iOS and Android, and uses the same concept as Touchnote: you create a postcard based on a personal or Facebook photo and you can then mail it to several countries around the world.
However, Postagram keeps a cheaper 0.99$ price per card — even when you don’t buy in bulk — by not offering templates or a lot of customization. Cards look traditional with black backgrounds, the photo on the right, and a personal message on the left. The one distinctive feature of Postagram is that the photo can be popped out of the postcard as a separate 3×3 inch photo print.
Postagram Postcards

Ink Cards is made by the same company behind Postagram, Sincerly Inc, and hence offers a pretty similar experience. The difference however is that Ink Cards allows you more personalization than Postagram, with several designs, photo filters and color options. Ink Cards cost 1.99$ and can be adapted for several occasions thanks to preloaded templates for birthdays, holidays, and so on.
Ink Cards

justWink differentiates itself from the previous three apps by letting you not only send the card via postal mail, but also email, Facebook or SMS. It also uses a different card design, opting for the traditional flip-and-open style instead of the postcard form.
The app works like its predecessors, offering a variety of templates for several occasions — including Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays — then letting you add your own photo and a message to go with it. You can even draw your personal signature on the card, which is a nice little touch.
justWink Greeting Cards

The four services above help you create and personalize greeting cards from the comfort of your Android device then send them via postal service to help keep the traditional aspect of card giving. However, they remain limited to a few worldwide countries so if you live somewhere that’s not supported by these apps, you’ll be looking for alternatives that work worldwide and let you email or share the greeting card virtually.
There are dozens of apps that seem to fit this bill on the Play Store but as my teammate Ashish Bogawat learned — the hard way — while researching this article from India is that most of these alternatives are more flawed, worse designed and less featured than any of the four above. He eventually came to the realization that “nothing justifies the criticism of Android app quality more than the selection of international greeting card apps” and settled on Greeting Card Maker, not because it’s good, but because it was less dreadful than the others.
So if you plan on sending cards this season, we’re hoping you live somewhere supported by these apps, and if not, let us know if you found a greeting card app that works well and worldwide.

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