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windows 8 metro

windows 8 metro

If you’ve been playing with the Windows 8 developer preview but for some strange reason applications are not opening, then this might be the tip that saves the operating system for you. Non-opening applications have been relatively widespread so if you’re seeing the problem, know this: you’re not alone. This issue shouldn’t affect your Windows 8 experience–it’s not a problem with the OS, it’s just a quirk in the pre-beta software.

It turns out that when set to resolutions under 104×768 (the minimum required resolution for Windows 8), Metro apps, as seen above, don’t like to open. By increasing the resolution the applications should open with no problems at all. Of course you’ll either need hardware that supports high resolutions or you’ll need to set Windows so that it let’s the desktop extend past the boundaries of your display (this is easy to do if your hardware supports it).

At this time, almost all displays run at at least 1024×768, so why are people having problem? One case where this could occur is when people are virtualizing Windows 8. When you are running Win8 in VMware or VirtualBox you might forget to consider what resolution it’s running at and there is a good chance that your virtual machine will be set to a puny size without you even noticing it. After all, even if your computer’s display is 1920×1200 a window that is approaching 1024×768 will take up a good chunk of your desktop real estate.

So you might simply be running too small of a resolution and having aftereffects from that, without any idea why it’s happening. And now you know that it’s not really Windows 8′s fault. At least not entirely–there should be some sort of error message saying that Metro apps are not working because of the resolution requirements.

Right now nothing happens at all when apps are being held it back because of this conflict. Something is clearly not working, but there is no popup or indication that something misfired, it just seems like the developer preview is hopefully broken, probably leading more people to believe that this is a just a pretty skin on top of Windows 7. A simple error message could have saved a lot of headaches.

By the way: if you hate Metro UI altogether, then here is how to get the Windows 7 star menu in Windows 8.

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